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Create realistic, natural-sounding voice-overs in seconds. Choose from over 140 languages and accents, and even add emotions to your voice-overs.

  • Davis

    United States

    “Dive deeper than just listening! This explanation unveils the hidden depths of text readers and explores how they go beyond simply reading text aloud.”

  • Emily


    “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart.”

  • Steffan

    United States

    “The road to success is a marathon, not a sprint; each step forward, a testament to your endurance, and every hurdle, an opportunity to prove your resilience in the pursuit of your dreams.”

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Our voiceover service offers customizable options, so you can adjust the tone, style, and pacing to fit your project's specific needs. AI text to audio for anyone who needs high-quality voiceovers.


Our voice-over service produces high-quality voice-overs for all of your projects.

Multilingual voiceover support

We support a wide range of languages, making it easier than ever to reach a global audience.

Fast Turnaround Times

Create an AI voice synthesis in seconds with artificial intelligence. Start with a free narration.

Customizable voiceovers

We can adjust the voice-over's tone, style, and pacing to fit your project's specific needs. (Soon)

Emotion-rich voiceovers

Bring your content to life by adding emotions such as happiness, sadness, excitement, and more.

Affordable voiceovers

We offer competitive pricing without sacrificing quality, making our voice-over service the most affordable AI tts online.

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